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With all our locations, DeVry University makes it easy to find a location near where you
live or work. Plus, all five DeVry University colleges also offer online degree programs,
so you can take your classes anywhere you have internet access.
DeVry University has been an engineering and computing technology powerhouse for more than 75 years. We offered one of the nation's first undergraduate degree programs in electronics engineering technology. Today, we remain at the forefront of technology-based education and are graduating some of the most sought-after engineering and information science professionals. Our career-oriented curriculum combined with intensive laboratory assignments fosters a collaborative learning environment that prepares our students for the real world.

The College of Business & Management offers the following degree programs. Unless otherwise noted, all degree programs are also available online.

Associate Degree Programs
» Electronics and Computer Technology
» Network Systems Administration

Bachelor's Degree Programs
» Biomedical Engineering Technology (not available online)
» Computer Engineering Technology
» Computer Information Systems with specializations in:

» Business Management
» Computer Forensics
» Database Management
» Enterprise Computing
» Flex Option
» Health Information Systems
» Information Systems Security
» Systems Analysis and Integration
» Web Development and Administration
» Web Game Programming
» Game and Simulation Programming
» Network and Communications Management

Master's Degree Programs
» Electrical Engineering
» Information Systems Management
» Network and Communications Management

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associate degrees

When you pursue an associate degree program at DeVry University, you'll be prepared to increase your earning potential and step into a rewarding career. In fact, associate degree holders average $8,000 a year more than their high school educated friends, according to Census Bureau statistics. What's more, year-round classes at DeVry University enable you to complete an associate degree program in as few as four semesters.
bachelor degrees

On average, workers with bachelor's degrees make nearly $24,000 more per year than high school graduates, according to Census Bureau statistics. By earning a bachelor's degree program at DeVry University, you'll be prepared to increase your earning potential and take the next step in your career. And with year-round classes at DeVry University, you'll be able to earn your bachelor's degree in as few as nine semesters (just three years).
masters degrees

Census Bureau statistics show that master's degree holders earn $11,300 more per year than those with bachelor's degrees. At DeVry University you can earn a master's degree program at an accredited university, and keep your job while doing it. With our many locations and flexible online learning options, you can earn your master's degree while you work full time. Plus, with year-round classes, including evening and weekend options, you can complete a master's degree program in as little as one year.
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