Do Game Design Schools Teach Game Design & Programming?

As the world of video gaming expands, so does the list of job titles our Game Art and Design graduates can have: character animator, modeler, game tester, or game designer.

3D Modeling for Animation & Games-Diploma
Our graduates from this program aren’t just working on video games and films. We give students the training to also succeed with careers in the medical field, science, and architecture.

Students learn the fundamental and traditional artistic skills of rigging, editing, and sculpture.

Game Art & Design-Diploma
Students first learn artistic and digital skills like drawing, colour theory, and 2-D design. They then expand their repertoire to include modeling, animation, scriptwriting, storyboarding, character animation, and production.

Visual & Game Programming-Diploma
This program teaches two core strengths in would-be digital artists, character animators, and texture artists.

It builds both their creative skills and their technical knowledge with courses such as artificial intelligence, software development, the principles of programming, shading development, graphic dynamics, and pipeline streaming.



Travis Adkin
Animation Art & Design

After graduating from our Animation Art & Design program, Travis was soon hired by the company responsible for some of today's biggest video game franchises. 

He went to work for Ubisoft, who has produced mega-hits like Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Silent Hunter, Prince of Persia, Myst IV and the online game Shadowbane.