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Our graduates add the sights and sounds that tell stories, sell products, and turn heads.

You can start your career with hands-on training in programs like:

Electronic Music-Certificate
This is perfect for people looking to start a career as an electronic musician, sound engineer, or digital audio technician.

Students learn a blend of marketing and business skills. As well as the basics of music theory and technology, recording arts, musical structure and notation, ear training, rhythmic, melodic/ harmonic structure and notation, tonality and scales, as well as cadences.

Professional Recording Arts-Diploma
Aspiring audio engineers, radio producers, and promoters can kick their career off with our Professional Recording program.

Students benefit from training from experts who have worked and succeeded in the industry. The curriculum includes MIDI, signal flow, critical listening, and microphone techniques.

Professional Recording Arts (LIPA)-Diploma
This program is for students intending to transfer to LIPA.

The fully articulated block transfer program includes all the projects and requirements of the Professional Recording Arts Diploma program, with extra courses like media studies and technology, and directed studies.

Independent Recording Arts-Certificate
The art and craft of creating and recording sound is the essence of this Certificate program.

Students have the opportunity to learn in both digital and analogue recording studios, utilizing both linear and non-linear recording techniques. Our hands-on curriculum covers MIDI, signal flow, critical listening, and microphone techniques.

Professional Audio Visual-Diploma
This Diploma program is designed to give graduates a well-balanced portfolio when they graduate.

Students will study technical courses such as audio electronics and video production, while learning about the business end with curriculum on professionalism, sales, and client service.

Digital Film & Video-Diploma
Students who want to auteur their own film projects will dive right into learning how to write, shoot and edit their own productions.

Our professors bring real-world experience and insights in teaching students about editing, sound design, documentary filmmaking, screenwriting, production techniques, and professional development.



Aakash Shivdasani
Visual Effects

Aakash Shivdasani’s patience paid off after researching schools for over 6 months. He moved from his native India to Canada to study our Visual Effects program, and is glad he did.

He’s currently using his talents to enhance Bollywood films, and meeting the burgeoning demand for special effects artists in India.

Today, he’s a modeler for Tata Exlsi, one of India’s top producers of TV series, films, animation and games. He also worked on blockbuster Bollywood films like Kal Ho Na Ho, Hum Tum, Dhoom, AgniPankh, Veer-Zaara, Swades, and Netaji.Christine McLeod
Professional Recording Arts  

You can see Christine’s meticulous work in over 20 feature films, eight TV series and 18 documentaries. She’s also scored major contracts with the likes of dbc Sound inc., Post Modern, Electronic Arts, and Rockstar Vancouver. She also teaches Sound Design in the Digital Film Program at The Art Institute of Vancouver.

She received three Leo Award nominations for her work in films like The Love Crimes of Gillian Guess, 100% Woman and Drawing Out the Demons.