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While our Animation and Special Effects graduates are behind the scenes, their work is up front and blowing people’s minds.

We offer hands-on learning for programs like:

Animation Art & Design-Diploma
While everyone brings individual strengths and creativity, our Animation Art & Design students learn to work as a team to create short films, video games, or VFX projects.

The curriculum covers vector animation, motion capture, drawing, rigging, life drawing, and editing.

VFX for Film & Television-Diploma
The only way to learn how to create effects that enhance a story or project is to learn from people with real industry experience, while practicing on industry-related equipment and software.

That's why our students learn the craft of visual effects by using training that covers topics like compositing, rigging, 3-D effects, and animation.


Trevor Cawood
Visual Effects

Since graduating in Photorealistic Visual Effects Artist Trevor Cawood’s skills have been highly in demand.
Armed with an eye-catching demo-reel, Cawood started working at Rainmaker, Western Canada’s leading post production and visual effects company. His work soon got noticed as he won a Leo Award for his work on the Smallville series. He also received two Emmy nominations while working on James Cameron’s television series, Dark Angel, and Jerry Bruckheimer’s Max Q.

He also completed work on the wildly successful Matrix: Reloaded, and Matrix: Revolutions films. Later he was a founding member of The Embassy VFX, and worked with names like Electronic Arts, CNN and Nike.