How Can a Graphic Design Degree Help Me?

Creative flair and strong technical skills are always in demand in the marketing industry. You can start your career in digital design with programs like:

Graphic Design-Diploma
This program relies on hands-on learning with the latest technology and software to teach students creative problem solving and design skills.

The curriculum blends traditional design with production tools to cover typography, illustration, and advertising.

Graphic Design-Bachelor of Applied Design
We not only build a student's technical and creative skills, we also expand their environmental knowledge.

Our school leads the pack in producing artists who provide creative solutions, which are also sustainable and eco-friendly.

Advanced Graphic Design-Diploma
This program teaches students how to use elements such as typography and layout to create effective designs.

Once graduated, our artists are armed with the most up-to-date knowledge of the industry’s software and technology.

Graphic Design & Foundation for Design-Diploma
Our artists get the full benefit of our professors’ knowledge and experience with graphic design trends and technology. Students quickly master the basics of design, typography, and colour theory.

The curriculum also covers digital illustration, art direction, and advertising design.



“Not only were they (my teachers) knowledgeable, but they were very helpful. They all had something different to share with us . . . They made the whole experience more enjoyable and were so helpful, even when they were busy.”
-Edgar Valenzuela,
Graphic Design graduate. His senior portfolio was chosen for inclusion in the Spring 2005 issue of the New York design magazine CMYK. He also won first place in the National Hewlett Packard (HP) Poster Contest.“The principles I learned in my studies are the same as those I apply at work. The Art Institute of Vancouver gave me the knowledge and skills to follow what I live for!”
- Jenna Wiebe – Graphic Design