Not Just a Cooking School, a Culinary Arts Experience.

Our Culinary Arts program helps our graduates please pallets all over the world. We train students on the business end of the industry, so they’re as good at running a restaurant as they are at filling one. We offer hands-on training for programs such as:

Baking & Pastry Arts Level 1 & Level 2-Certificate:
Students studying at Level 1 will learn the concepts and theories of culinary techniques. At the same time, they’re introduced to baking and pastry, sanitation and safety, menu management, along with purchasing and product identification.

Whereas Level 2 teaches more advanced tools and skills. Students learn the latest and tastiest techniques that are used by professional bakers and pastry chefs. There is also an emphasis on learning how to work and coordinate with a team.

Culinary Arts Level 1 & Level 2-Certificate
The Culinary Arts Level 1 certificate program offers a broad range of topics and techniques, so students can choose any number of directions for a career path. The curriculum covers basic culinary techniques, sanitation/safety, American/world cuisines, baking techniques, as well as product identification and purchasing.

Students who move on to Level 2 advance their techniques further by learning menu development, cost control/pricing, professional standards of performance, guest relations, and communication skills.

Baking & Pastry Arts-Diploma
This program teaches basic cookery, while offering students a glimpse into most aspects of the culinary arts. They're exposed to both the hands-on and the business side of the industry, so they can make the right choice for their career.

The pastry curriculum covers classic fillings such as creams, custards, as well as making mousses, tarts, and cakes. Students also learn proper yeast preparation, sweet dough products, as well as product identification and preparation.

Culinary Arts-Diploma
Our diploma in Culinary Arts guarantees that a student is ready to enter the world of restaurants or catering,

The curriculum offers a perfect blend of teaching culinary skills and creativity, while covering topics outside of the kitchen such as sanitation/ safety, and the business side of the industry.

Culinary Arts & Restaurant Ownership-Advanced Diploma
This program helps students master the culinary arts, while learning managerial and leadership skills.

Owning a restaurant requires a blend of culinary knowledge, people skills and business savvy. That's why our students get a well-rounded education in management, marketing, accounting/ finances, technology, and legal issues.

Entrepreneurship & Restaurant Management-Diploma
Our Entrepreneurship & Restaurant Management program is perfect for people who are thinking about owning or managing a restaurant.

They're able to build on their culinary skills, while acquiring new ones such as communication, training, leadership, management, human resources, technology, accounting, marketing, and customer relations.

Food & Beverage Management –Diploma
We prepares students for rewarding careers in beverage/bar management in restaurants, banquets, wine or coffee bars. Many of our graduates also move on to careers in food & beverage purchasing, or wine buying for food retailers and grocery chains.

Hospitality & Restaurant Business Management-Diploma
The strength of this program is the versatile curriculum it covers, and the well-rounded portfolio graduates leave with,

Students start with basic cookery and culinary knowledge, then expand their training to include practical and theoretical business skills.



“I really enjoy having someone to mentor me, to teach me.”
- Emily Chiong, Dubrulle Culinary Arts graduate and winner of the 2005 People’s Choice Award at the 8th annual Fetzer “Great Beginnings” Wine and Appetizer Challenge. Andrea feels that her education The Art Institute of Vancouver "was an excellent starting point for moving into a reputable kitchen." She fondly remembers her instructors for their "passionate and humorous approaches in what can be a demanding industry."
- Andrea Carlson – Culinary Arts)